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Here’s How You Get There:


30 min. is all it takes!

Every 30 minute IMPACT STRONG Kickboxing & Fitness class is motivating and self-paced – all different fitness levels workout comfortably at their own rate.

Choose your workout

Which workout do you want today – IMPACT Kickboxing or Fitness Class? You can even combine both classes for an hour of pure challenge!

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IMPACT STRONG’S unique training format is – “The top Fitness Trend of 2014 & 2015 because the workouts are incredibly effective at transforming the body and take minimal time.” – A.C.S.M.

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Kickboxing Franchise

Top Kickboxing Franchise – IMPACT STRONG Kickboxing & Fitness

Standing out from the crowd of Fitness – Kickboxing – Boxing – HIIT Franchises, IMPACT STRONG is a new and unique fitness franchise with REAL Advantages.

Here’s a few…

  1. 30 min. Classes with endless Variety – that customers prefer
  2. **Proven quickest Fat loss & Fitness results – Its for real.
  3. Low overhead/ Big Upside

Look through the videos and pictures on this website. These aren’t models – they’re just some of our Members who’ve gotten the amazing results we told you about. In only 8 weeks, you can begin establishing your own

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