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Look Inside

Bright. Attractive. Inviting. Motivating.

This is what you see when you first step inside an IMPACT STRONG. We have designed our Studios to be both inviting and welcoming to your customers. and very efficient for you.

First off, you’ll notice the ”IMPACT STRONG Framework,” holding different types of bags and equipment. Ready to go!

Time for IMPACT Kickboxing Class - Boxing, Tear Drop, Clinch and Muay Thai bags surround you. They are joined by Ultimate Strikers and G & P bags. This gets Fun! 

Low Investment / Big Rewards

How to Own an IMPACT STRONG:

Own the gym that

Customers like most.

Low Amount

High Amount

Method of Payment

To Whom

Travel & Living expenses for initial training

Rent & Security Deposit (3 months)

Flooring & Equipment

Initial Fee


Professional Fees

Grand Opening Advertising



Opening Inventory /Supplies

Additional Funds

Miscellaneous Opening Expenses




Lump Sum

Upon Signing

When Due

Impact Strong



As Incurred

Before, During & After Training




As Agreed w/ Landlord

As Arranged

Landlord/ Contractor



As Incurred

As Arranged

Contractor/ Vendors



As Arranged

As Arranged




Lump Sum

Before Opening

State, County, City



As Incurred

As Incurred

Company, Vendors



May/May Not

Before Opening




As Arranged

As Arranged

Insurance Company






As Incurred




As Incurred




As Arranged

As Arranged

As Incurred

As Incurred

#1 Introduction

It’s easy. Let’s meet each other on the phone.  We’ll discuss with you what IMPACT STRONG is about, where we’re going, answer any questions you have, and show you how our franchise model generates earnings. __________________________________________________

#2 The Business of IMPACT STRONG

Learn about the strengths and advantages of IMPACT STRONG - our Digital Marketing Expertise, the growing appeal of the IMPACT STRONG Workouts, how we attract the top Staff and Trainers in your area, and the expanding appeal of our studios.


#3 Location & Territory

Get a demographic analysis overview of the area(s) you are interested in.  


#4 The Business and our FDD

We review the FDD with you, including the start-up and monthly operating expenses, and the four channels for generating revenue.


#5 Discovery Day

Come to Austin, TX and experience IMPACT STRONG - You will see first hand the amazing classes and training, and meet your Training and Support Staff. Your approval call is scheduled.


#6 Decision Day

At this scheduled time, you enter in the mutual approval of the IMPACT STRONG Agreement and FDD. This starts your Training, Site location, Marketing, etc..

Now step into our HIIT Workout. Your Trainers utilize Battle ropes, PRIMAL7, Kettle bells, Sand bags, Body weight exercises...again, 30 minutes is all it takes

At IMPACT STRONG, Members have options! They can choose from both of these popular 30 min. workouts, or they can combine both for a full hour of all out Challenge...It’s called “ALL-OUT!”

Our combination of Class options, Training format and variety, and Quick 30 minute classes are what your customers will prefer over all the routine kickboxing and group fitness classes, boot camps, and gyms.

Would you like to own the dominating small gym in your area?

Then check this out:

IMPACT STRONG stands out from the crowd: 

  • 30 minute scheduled class times with the structure and format that customers prefer! (not a drop-in when you want gym, or the mostly same hour long workout studio). 

  • Your Members have 3 popular workout options to choose from – each with endless exercise variety for better retention, more fun, and superior fitness and fat loss results (and in less time, says the *A.C.S.M.).

  • This is a very efficient business model, with minimal start-up costs and low monthly overhead. Plus, you don’t need to be a slave to your business – Ask us how...512-671-0012

  • Our Digital Marketing expertise feeds new customers in your door!   It begins with your own highly optimized website for highest local rankings, powerful Email and Social Media campaigns, and every effective medium that benefits you. 

  • It is all about Your Success – We are with you, every step of the way!

Plus, this fitness gym franchise is easy to start, low cost, &

has unique advantages that DOMINATE the competition!

Impact Strong Kickboxing and HIIT Fitness gym
Best Franchise Gym Opportunity

The Unique Fitness Franchise with Real Advantages

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We are the 2016 fitness franchise that gives you:

  • the Fitness Formula that attracts more customers!
  • Classes and workout variety that customers prefer
  • Lowest start-up and operating costs – Higher margins
  • Business and Marketing Systems that build a very popular business
  • Everything you need to get started & 100% Training & Support

Plus, you’ll find that the vast majority of customers prefer our unique 30 minute class options over all the boot camps, boxing/kickboxing workouts, and group fitness classes and gyms. IMPACT STRONG gives your members the most of what they want.

And with our 3 class options to choose from, you will attract many more happy and excited Members - that stay Members (Retention!).

Learn how you'll enjoy all the upside and advantages of the IMPACT STRONG Franchise opportunity.....

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HIIT Workout
PRIMAL7 Training at Impact Strong




What's next?

You can also have a friendly chat with us - call 512-671-0012. We’re happy to answer any questions you have.