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IT'S A FACT - 3 of the Top Growing Trends in the fitness industry are:

  1. Group/Team Training
  2. H.I.I.T. Workouts
  3. Functional Fitness

This is what Customers are looking for - and what IMPACT STRONG is all about!

Begin with our short 30 minute scheduled classes, 3 Workout Options, state-of-the-art training equipment, endless Variety, an exciting ambiance, and a Trainer that is never more than a step or two away to help - and you have a new and better Fitness Franchise - designed for your Success!

PRIMAL7 Training at Impact Strong fitness franchises

The Better Fitness/Kickboxing Franchise

  • 30 minute scheduled class times with the structure, training, and workout format that customers prefer! (this is not a drop-in whenever you want gym, or the Kickboxing and Boot Camp studios w/hour long classes, little variety, minimal equipment, or the same roll-out bags.
  • Our Members have 3 popular workout options to choose from – each with endless exercise variety for better retention, more fun, and superior fitness and fat loss results (and in less time, says the *A.C.S.M.).
  • This is a very efficient business model, with minimal start-up costs and low monthly overhead. Plus, you won't be a slave to your business (Ask us about that!...512-671-0012)
  • Our Digital Marketing expertise feeds new customers in your door. It begins with your own highly optimized website for highest local rankings, powerful Email and Social Media campaigns, and every effective medium that benefits you.
  • We are all about Your Success with this revolutionary franchise business.

#1 Introduction

It’s easy. Let’s meet each other on the phone.  We’ll discuss with you what IMPACT STRONG is about, where we’re going, answer any questions you have, and show you how our franchise model generates earnings. __________________________________________________

#2 The Business of IMPACT STRONG

Learn about the strengths and advantages of IMPACT STRONG - our Digital Marketing Expertise, the growing appeal of the IMPACT STRONG Workouts, how we attract the top Staff and Trainers in your area, and the expanding appeal of our studios.


#3 Location & Territory

Get a demographic analysis overview of the area(s) you are interested in.  


#4 The Business and our FDD

We review the FDD with you, including the start-up and monthly operating expenses, and the four channels for generating revenue.


#5 Discovery Day

Come to Austin, TX and experience IMPACT STRONG - You will see first hand the amazing classes and training, and meet your Training and Support Staff. Your approval call is scheduled.


#6 Decision Day

At this scheduled time, you enter in the mutual approval of the IMPACT STRONG Agreement and FDD. This starts your Training, Site location, Marketing, etc..

IMPACT STRONG Kickboxing & Fitness

Look Inside:

This is what you see when you first step inside an IMPACT STRONG. We have designed our Studios to be both inviting and welcoming to customers, of all fitness levels. It is also very efficient for you.

First off, you’ll notice the ”IMPACT STRONG Framework,” holding different types of striking bags and fitness equipment.

Time for IMPACT Kickboxing Classhis gets Fun - Boxing, Tear Drop, Clinch and Muay Thai bags surround you. They are joined by Ultimate Strikers and G & P bags - workout variety no other place has....

Low Investment / Big Rewards

How to own an IMPACT STRONG:

‍‍‍‍‍‍Low Amount

High Amount

Method of Payment

To Whom

Travel & Living expenses for initial training

Rent & Security Deposit (3 months)

Flooring & Equipment

Initial Fee


Professional Fees

Grand Opening Advertising



Opening Inventory /Supplies

Additional Funds

Miscellaneous Opening Expenses




Lump Sum

Upon Signing

When Due

Impact Strong



As Incurred

Before, During & After Training




As Agreed w/ Landlord

As Arranged

Landlord/ Contractor



As Incurred

As Arranged

Contractor/ Vendors



As Arranged

As Arranged




Lump Sum

Before Opening

State, County, City



As Incurred

As Incurred

Company, Vendors



May/May Not

Before Opening




As Arranged

As Arranged

Insurance Company






As Incurred




As Incurred




As Arranged

As Arranged

As Incurred

As Incurred

Now step into our HIIT Workout. Your Trainers utilize Battle ropes, PRIMAL7, Kettle bells, Sand bags, Body weight exercises...again, 30 minutes is all it takes.

At IMPACT STRONG, our Members have options! They can choose from both of these popular 30 min. workouts, or they can combine both for a full hour of all out Challenge...It’s called “ALL-OUT!”

Our combination of Class options, Training format and variety, and Quick 30 minute classes are what the vast number of customers prefer over kickboxing, group fitness classes, boot camps, and gyms.

If you have a great attitude and like to help others, can follow a proven System, and would like to own the thriving Kickboxing / Boot Camp / Group Fitness Club in your town - don't miss out on this great opportunity (Areas & Towns reserved by first approved).

Call 512-671-0012

IMPACT STRONG - 30 minute

Kickboxing & Group Fitness Classes

IMPACT STRONG is ahead of its time in many ways. As the fitness world has become more focused on body fat composition and far less concerned with weight, the bathroom scale has become obsolete - people want to work out different now!

All scientific data points to the fact that short rounds of interval cardio and strength training, is the most effective way to burn body fat and build muscle.

Also, group fitness training has exploded in popularity over the past few years. The emergence of the training style Functional Training, is also growing fast in popularity.

IMPACT STRONG has built a style of training which combines both of these important trends, into short, 30 minute classes. These Group/Team workouts combine functional training into quick and convenient workouts that give our Members the best results for their time.  Walking into an IMPACT STRONG is an incredible atmosphere that has to be experience to be believed!

No other fitness franchise business has a system anything like this. IMPACT STRONG is totally unique, preferred by the vast majority of customers over other options, and leads the health and fitness trends.

© 2017 IMPACT STRONG®, All rights reserved.

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Is this a future you can be excited about?

You are also welcome to have a friendly chat with us - call 512-671-0012 We’re happy to answer any questions you have.

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How to Own an IMPACT STRONG:

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See how We Attract Double the Number of Customers with the new IMPACT STRONG Fitness Franchise >

Would you rather get a great workout in just 30 min., or an hour long class? (87% picked 30 min.!)

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PLUS - Discover what it's like to be an IMPACT STRONG Franchisee

IMPACT STRONG Training and our 30 minute classes will thrive in any area where time is of the essence: from major urban centers to suburban neighborhoods packed with residents on the go. Our functional training workout regime burns 800 calories in just 30 minutes. This has been proven day in and day out.

On average, the staff is comprised of two instructors, one of which doubles as a manager. Either:

  • Be an owner operator and  instruct with the help of a Part Time Trainer, or

  • Be an investor in the franchise and install a manager to operate the business with the help of a Part Timer on your behalf.

Our staffing and operating efficiencies are major components of why IMPACT STRONG is the right choice to become a franchisee.

IMPACT STRONG is the pioneer of 30 minute functional group Kickboxing and H.I.I.T. Group training. We are now expanding nationwide with our franchisee network.

The IMPACT STRONG business provides clients with premium indoor functional fitness equipment that is inexpensive to acquire as one of our Franchisees.

  • The popularity of being more than Kickboxing - more than Boot Camps - attracting BOTH of these large groups of customers to your business
  • Top Marketing Support that fills your gym with new Members *Effective Enrollment, Management, and Business Systems
  • Attracting the best Trainer Staff in your area
  • Our Expert Support Team that's there for you

And with one of the industry's lowest Start-up & operating costs, IMPACT STRONG is a franchise designed to generate the largest margin for you.

It Begins Here:

Bright. Attractive. Inviting.


  • Also, fInd out how easy and affordable you can open your own thriving fitness business
  • Download our detailed Franchise Brochure
  • Ask for a personal "Location Analysis" of your desired area

YES! And here are some big reasons why:

Claim your free "Local Area Analysis" & Brochure >

Claim your free "Local Area Analysis" & Brochure >

Yes, Show Me How >

As a Franchisee, you will enjoy:


How is the IMPACT STRONG different than other fitness and kickboxing franchises?

IMPACT STRONG is more than Kickboxing, more than Boot Camps/Group Fitness classes. We have a new and more exciting way to workout that the vast majority of your customers will prefer over all other kickboxing and group fitness options, and here's why:

  • Short 30 minute scheduled classes - "Would you rather work out for an hour - or 30 minutes?"  (PLUS - *Proven Best Fat Loss Results - A.C.S.M.)
  • 3 different training options - w/endless *Workout Variety! Not the same stations every workout, or standing behind a heavy or roll-out bag for an hour long class
  • An amazing workout experience, with top *Training & Equipment in every workout!
  • The popularity of being more than Kickboxing - more than Boot Camps. IMPACT STRONG attracts BOTH of these large groups of customers to your business!

The time required depends on three factors - finding and securing a lease in the right location, pre-launch preparation, and adherence to our Systems. The Business Opening Specialist we assign you will help you move quickly and easily through the process.

What kind of Training & Support will I receive?

You will undergo complete training over 4 days at IMPACT STRONG Headquarters in Austin, TX. We cover everything to make you successful in our Business, Software, Marketing, Staffing, and Training Systems. We will also show you how to attract the top Fitness Trainer talent in your town. Our Top Staff System covers everything from recruiting, selection, training, hiring, compensation, management, and Class Scheduling.

The Business Opening Specialist we assign you will help make your business start-up and opening an easy and exciting affair. You will have access to online education and immediate Support Help whenever you need. You will also be able to send your Staff Members for Training at Headquarters in Austin, TX whenever needed, no charge!

What determines the territory of my franchise?

Exclusive territories are based on population densities within Zip Codes. Data is collected and disseminated by Claritas, the most respected demographic reporting company in the industry.   **We will NOT allow other IMPACT STRONG Franchisees to be your competitors!

How much space is required?

From as small as 1,300 to 2,000+ square feet. Our business is very effective in shopping/strip centers, and business parks with street visible signage.

What are the staffing requirements?

The staff needed is determined by the franchise owner’s goals. We show you how to attract some of the best Trainers in your city. Then you will learn everything from selection, how to compensate and indoctrinate, and training them in our Systems. We show you how to effectively manage your staff as they train your Members, energetically lead your classes, and build your business’s success.

How long does it realistically take to effectively launch an IMPACT STRONG Franchise?

How much can I expect to make?

Due to Franchise laws, we can't tell you what you can expect to make, but you can do the math yourself. You can also talk to our franchisees and ask them!

* Classes customers prefer * Revolutionary 30 min. fitness * Own this thriving business

More Members * Revolutionary 30 min. Fitness * Own This Thriving Business!


  • Get our detailed Franchise Brochure
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  • Request a free "Personal Area Analysis" of your desired area

The IMPACT STRONG Fitness Franchise

30 Minute Fitness!

Here's how to own the new fitness franchise that attracts more members and builds a thriving business: