Meet the fastest way to shred body fat...

HIIT Workout

Do you want a Lean, Toned and Strong body that looks great, and makes your clothes fit better?
Here's how we get you there fast - Combine: 

 • IMPACT STRONG's Unique workout format
• The Necessary Tools - PRIMAL7, Sand bags, Battle ropes, Ultimate Strikers....   
 • 30 minutes of your time

 This full-body workout will tone your arms and legs, while tightening your body's core and improving balance.  

 You will sweat, feel inspired, breath hard, and given the right amount of challenge. In 30 minutes you're done.

And you'll leave feeling energized!  


Many people join for kickboxing, others come for group fitness classes - they quickly fall in love with each others workouts.

At IMPACT STRONG, you can combine both the IMPACT Kickboxing and HIIT Workout classes back-to-back, for an"ALL-OUT" 60 minute Challenge!

ATTN: This is not recommended for beginners!
(We strongly advise you start with taking one class. As you build up your conditioning, strength, and cardio endurance - you'll know when you're ready.)

IMPACT Kickboxing

In just 30 minutes, you're going to Strike, Kick, Hit, and Ground & Pound your way to a lean and toned body - with the funnest, most effective Kickboxing workout ever!

You will love IMPACT STRONG's short, 30 minute class times. Using our unique class format, these workouts give you the best fitness results in the least time. And you'll also keep burning body fat for up to 48 hours post workout.  

Each class is self-paced, and is the right level of challenge for Beginners, all the way to advanced.

See yourself shred body fat, beat up stress, and get lean and strong - Fast! 

Watch This Class >>

Watch This Class >>

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Watch This Class >>

(Not for Beginners!)

(It's not hour-long workouts or drop-in gyms)